The internet started out as a luxury, but eventually become a necessity. From social networking to online shopping, it allows people to access everything, wherever, and whenever.

However, as more people gained access to the web, the number of potential victims of cybercrime also rose. Businesses are no exception. This is why secure website hosting is getting a lot of buzz nowadays.


Understanding Website Hosting

 So, what’s website hosting and how can it affect your business?

Well, it works by providing server space to websites, making them accessible to anyone connected to the internet. Web hosting follows almost the same concept as renting an apartment, albeit in a digital way

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As businesses shift to the online world, it’s easy to see how security could be viewed as their last priority. However, allowing your website to go live unprotected can lead to all sorts of problems.

This is where security comes in. The very best hosting providers offer services that benefit from advanced storage technologies (e.g. RAID). Things like secure datacenters, manual backups, and great uptimes are also added.

If you’re still debating whether you should opt for secure website hosting, here are six reasons why it’s actually become a must:


Reason #1: No hacking, please!

Every day, over 50,000 sites get hacked. Contrary to popular belief, small businesses are the common targets. This usually stems from the “it won’t happen to my business” mentality among entrepreneurs.

Since the hacking business won’t die down anytime soon, it’s better to prevent this threat instead of merely waiting for it.


Reason #2: Beware of the malware

Malware is a piece of software made to destroy or get unauthorized access to a computer system. Think of it as the online version of a house intruder. Sounds scary, right?

With secure website hosting, your data will get regular backups. This will remove the risks of malware potentially robbing all your content. And, there’s also the matter of protecting visitor data.


Reason #3: Shielding from spam

You might think of spam as the annoying emails in your inbox, or the sketchy ads that pop up on your browser. However, these persistent creatures are more than that.

Website spam comes in the form of comments, which can lead to all kinds of issues, even affecting credibility. Their goal is to build backlinks that may contain malware.

There’s more to that, though. Google can detect malicious comments and penalize your website for containing spam, possibly ruining both your rank and search visibility.


Reason #4: Less secure, less income

Although this is a financial threat, it stems from lack of security. When your website gets hacked or infected, you only have two possibilities to expect.traffic generation secure website hosting

Your website will either get shut down by hackers, or you’ll have to do it yourself. Whichever happens, your clients can’t see your content. This can definitely leave a dent in your revenue.


Reason #5: Traffic generation suffers

Again, this is more of a financial concern than a security concern. However, it stems from a lack of security like the reason stated earlier. When your site stops working, the traffic it gets will drop. And decreased traffic often translates to lowered revenue.


Reason #6: Keep delays to a minimum

What makes a website convenient for both businessmen and customers, is that it can operate anytime and anywhere. However, unexpected delays (e.g. slow transfers, downtime, etc.) might happen if your site isn’t being run on secure hosting.



The Bottom Line

The internet is a two-way street. It can either positively or negatively affect your business, depending on how you use it. However, with secured website hosting, you can lessen the burden on your shoulders, and ensure that your business gets all the attention it deserves.