The amount of viruses and worms that are floating around the Internet is constantly increasing. The number of infected computers likewise increase every day, every minute, yes, every second.

We focus on both technical and human parts of security, and have tried to make it a continuous tutorial on security. If you find any part of the site confusing, or if you have any suggestions, please let us know

The main goal for this website is to inform you about some of the malicious items you will encounter while using the Internet, and hopefully provide you with the means necessary to identify and to stop it from doing any harm against you.

Every day too many get infected with computer viruses or loose personal details due to fraud. By reading this site, you hopefully won’t be one of them and have already taken the very important first step to avoid it; Research.

Some of the symptoms for an infected computer is that it is running slower and slower. Also many notice extra toolbars appearing in the browser Internet Explorer and that the home page turn into something un-expected. You might also notice that non-exisitant domains redirect to unexpected websites.